Bank PO Important Questions MCQ - Practice Set 6

Bank PO Important Questions MCQ – Practice Set 6

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1. Brass gets discoloured in air because of the presence of which of the following gases in air ?
2. Lethargic : Vital :: Trite : ?
3. A pump can fill a tank with water in 2 hours. Because of a leak, it took 2 1/3 hours to fill the tank. The leak can drain all the water of the tank in:
4. Pulitzer prize is awarded for outstanding work in the field of

5. A sum was put at simple interest at a certain rate for 10 years . Had it been put at 5% higher rate , it would have fetched Rs.600 more. What was the Sum?
6. A rectangular lawn 55m by 35m has two roads each 4m wide running in the middle of it. One parallel to the length and the other parallel to breadth. The cost of graveling the roads at 75 paise per sq meter is
7. A sum of money becomes 7/6 of itself in 3 years at a certain rate of simple interst. The rate per annum
8. The diagonal of the floor of a rectangular closet is 7 1/2 feet. The shorter side of the closet is 4 1/2 feet. What is the area of the closet in square feet?

9. 8, 15, 28, 53, ?, 199
10. A man walks 5 km toward south and then turns to the right. After walking 3 km he turns to the left and walks 4 km. And then he goes back 10 km straight. Now in which direction is he from the starting place ?
11. Find the area of a triangle whose sides measure 13 cm, 14 cm and 15 cm
12. Grass : Erosion :: Dam : ?

13. Find the length of a rope by which a cow must be tethered in order that it may be able to graze an area of 9856 sq meters.
14. Find the compound interest on Rs. 16,000 at 20% per annum for 9 months, compounded quarterly
15. A Shopkeeper sells two articles at Rs.1000 each, making a profit of 20% on the first article and a loss of 20% on the second article. Find the net Profit or loss that he makes?
16. On a sum of money, the simple interest for 2 years is Rs. 660,while the compound interest is Rs.696.30,the rate of interest being the same in both the cases. The rate of interest is

17. How many bricks each measuring 25cm x 11.25cm x 6cm, will be needed to build a wall 8m x 6m x 22.5m
18. The famous Rock Garden is located in which city?
19. Two trains started at the same time, one from A to B and the other from B to A . If they arrived at B and A respectively 4 hours and 9 hours after they passed each other the ratio of the speeds of the two trains was
20. The ratios of areas of two squares, one having its diagonal double than the other is

21. The ratio of cost price and marked price of an article is 2:3 and ratio of percentage profit and percentage discount is 3:2 . what is the discount percentage?
22. Find: S.l. on Rs 6250 at 14% per annum for 146 days.
23. The diluted wine contains only 8 liters of wine and the rest is water. A new mixture whose concentration is 30%, is to be formed by replacing wine. How many liters of mixture shall be replaced with pure wine if there was initially 32 liters of water in the mixture ?
24. The area of a circular field is 13.86 hectares. Find the cost of fencing it at the rate of Rs. 4.40 per metre.


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