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Bank PO Important Questions MCQ – Practice Set 8

Bank Bank Quiz High Court NDA / CDS One Day Exams Quiz Railways SSC

1. In two triangles, the ratio of the areas is 4 : 3 and the ratio of their heights is 3 : 4. Find the ratio of their bases.
2. A rectangular grassy plot 110m by 65cm has a gravel path .5cm wide all round it on the inside. Find the cost of gravelling the path at 80 paise per
3. A room 5m 55cm long and 3m 74cm broad is to be paved with square tiles.Find the least number of square tiles required to cover the floor?
4. The difference between the compound interest and the simple interest on a certain sum at 12% p.a. for two years is Rs.90. What will be the value of the amount at the end of 3 years?

5. The no of revolutions a wheel of diameter 40cm makes in traveling a distance of 176m is
6. In measuring the sides of a rectangle, one side is taken 5% in excess and the other 4% in deficit. Find the error percent in the area, calculate from the those measurements.
7. If the first half of the English alphabet is reversed and then next portion of English alphabet is reversed so as 'A' takes the portion of 'M' and 'N' takes the portion of 'z' then which letter will be 6th to the left of 17th letter to the right of 7th leter from the left?
8. The compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years at 10% per annum is Rs. 525. The simple interest on the same sum for double the time at half the rate percent per annum is

9. How many 7 digit numbers can be formed using the digits 1, 2, 0, 2, 4, 2, 4?
10. The ratio of water and alcohol in two different containers is 2:3 and 4:5. In what ratio we are required to mix the mixtures of two containers in order to get the new mixture in which the ratio of alcohol and water be 7:5?
11. Who first imposed Jizya Tax in India?
12. The length of a rectangle is twice its breadth. If its length is decreased by 5 cm and breadth is increased by 5 cm, the area of the rectangle is increased by 75 Find the length of the rectangle?

13. If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 150% and the denominator of the fraction is increased by 350%, the resultant fraction is 25/51. What is the original fraction ?
14. The breadth of a rectangular field is 60% of its length. If the perimeter of the field is 800 m.What is the area of the field?
15. Four circular cardboard pieces, each of radius 7cm are placed in such a way that each piece touches two other pieces. The area of the space encosed by the four pieces is
16. A number is increased by 20% and then decreased by 20%, the final value of the number is ?

17. A man is facing north-west. He turns 90 degree in the clockwise direction, then 180 degree in the anticlockwise direction and then another 90 degree in the same direction. Which direction is he facing now?
18. Every year before the festive season,a shopkeeper increases the price of the product by 35% and then introduce two successive discount of 10% and 15% respectively.what is percentage loss and percentage gain ?
19. Rs. 5887 is divided between Shyam and Ram, such that Shyam's share at the end of 9 years is equal to Ram's share at the end of 11 years, compounded annually at the rate of 5%. Find the share of Shyam.
20. A took 15 seconds to cross a rectangular field diagonally walking at the rate of 52 m/min and B took the same time to cross the same field along its sides walking at the rate of 68m/min. The area of the field is?

21. Thread is to String as Cask is to
22. How many cubes of 10cm edge can be put in a cubical box of 1m edge
23. In a Plane there are 37 straight lines, of which 13 pass through the point A and 11 pass through the point B. Besides, no three lines pass through one point, no lines passes through both points A and B , and no two are parallel. Find the number of points of intersection of the straight lines.
24. Divide Rs. 1301 between A and B, so that the amount of A after 7 years is equal to the amount of B after 9 years, the interest being compounded at 4% per annum.


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