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Famous Personalities MCQ – Practice Set 6

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1. Ashok Pandit is well- known for his superior performance in which of the following fields ?
2. ''Senses are the gateways of knowledge'' was emphasised by
3. Who has become First Female Pilot in Indian Navy?
4. Who is now the World’s Second Richest Person ?

5. Name the person popularly Known as Gurudev
6. Although Blind, Deaf and Dumb, She graduated from college and achieved high distinction as a writer and scholar. Who was she ?
7. Who has been sworn in as union Railway Minister after the resignation of Dinesh Trivedi
8. Who has topped the Forbes Magazine’s list of the world’s highest paid actors 2017 ?

9. Who set to become India’s 46th Grandmaster at the Sharjah Masters 2017 chess tournament ?
10. Jamini Roy was a famous
11. Who is the 45th President of United States ?
12. What is the Name of first cricketer of India to have a cricket stadium in the name of him ?

13. Kuldip Nayarr, a journalist was appointed as a high commissioner in
14. M sham Lal has done commendable worrk in which of the following fields
15. According to Forbes, Who has become Asia’s richest person in the year 2017?
16. Who among the following is a Cuban revolutionary and political leader?


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