Famous Personalities MCQ Type Questions

Famous Personalities MCQ – Practice Set 8

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1. The federalist papers were written by which future President?

2. The playback singer who is certified as the 'Most Recorded Artist' in the world (2009) by the World Records Academy is ________
3. Who is the youngest Asian to win the international Master's title?
4. Who is called 'the father of modern African writing '' novelist?
5. Who had announced that democracy is a government '' of the people, by the people and for the people '' ?

6. Who is the veteran communist leader and CM of West Bengal for a record five consecutive tems until Nov 2000?
7. Who is the founder of WikiLeaks - a website that publishes comments, submissions of secret information and documents that often becomes controversial?
8. Which cartoon characters were created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbara in 1940?
9. Who was the first cricketer to take all wickets in a test innings?

10. Clarence Pine Top Smith played what style of piano?
11. Waksman got the noble prize for the discovery of
12. Which discovery is attributed to Phoebus Levene?
13. Claude Bernard first recognized

14. Which leader helped to found the NAACP?
15. Ravinder Kumar Singhal, who has successfully completed the Ironman triathlon, is from which state?
16. The delegate who created the compromise for the constitution was
17. Leonardo Da Vinci used drawings to explore ideas in

18. The Mesoamerican leader Pakal, The great was
19. Name the veteran Agriculture Scientist who was recently awarded the 1st World Agriculture Prize for 2018
20. The first woman to receive Bharat Ratna?
” notes=”Correct Answer: Nagaland’s Gandhi”]

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