Famous places mcq for one day exams

Famous Places MCQ – Practice Set 2

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1. Which one of the following is a landlocked harbour ?
2. Asia’s largest tulip garden is ?
3. The Famous 'Golconda Fort' is located in which state ?
4. Which of the following Valleys is known as ''Paradise of Earth'' ?
5. Which city is known as ''Queen of Arabian Sea'' ?
6. In India, which festival coincide with the festivals of Songkran in Thailand, Thingyan in Myanmar and Aluth Avurudda in Sri Lanka ?
7. '' Rani ki Vav '' an archaeological attraction is located in which of the following states ?
8. Niagara Falls are in

9. The Petronas Twin Towers is located in which country?
10. The Forbidden City is located in which country?
11. Minjar Fair is the important fair celebrated in Chamba district. What does 'Minjar' represent for ?
12. Where is the Morris Canal Located?
13. Where is the Devils Tower located?

14. The famous Eiffel Tower is in
15. Banaue Rice Terraces in Ifugao is located in which country?
16. Great Mosque of Cordoba is located in which country?

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