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History MCQ for SSC CGL Practice Set Capsule 1

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1. About whose kingdom is it said “the dominion of the lord of the universe extended from Delhi to Palam.”?
2. Who was the first Muslim writer to make use of Hindi words and adopt Indian poetic imagery and themes?
3. Which of the following is incorrect?
4. Who wrote Tarikh-ul-Hind?
5. Which Bhakti Saint is known as the bridge between north and south?

6. Which one of the following Rashtrakuta kings defeated Pratihara ruler Nagabhata I?
7. Asvamedha Yajna from among Chalukya rulers was performed by —
8. Which one was the Port of Cheras?
9. The first ruler of India who defeated Muhammad of Ghor was —
10. The head of a guild in ancient and early medieval India was called—

11. The Gita was complied by—
12. ‘Manusmriti’ regards the reign lying between -the rivers Sarasvati and Drishadwati as—
13. Buddhist scriptures were written in—
14. Which, among the following Scholarly works, was not written by Bhavbhuti?
15. Under whom did Tulsidas write Ramcharitmanasa—

16. Where is Kalibangan situated?
17. Brahmani bull for Indus valley people was—
18. Harappan people had known to use of—
19. A hoard of copper images generally assigned to the Harrappan culture phase, has been found at—
20. The largest number of seals of the Harrappan culture are made of—

21. When did China receive Buddhism?
22. Who was Bhadrabahu?
23. Which of the following is incorrect?
24. Jain works were compiled in—
25. How many cities were in existence during Buddha’s time?


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