ssc cgl tier 1 2018 important questions

History MCQ For SSC CGL Practice Set Capsule 2

Bank High Court NDA / CDS One Day Exams Quiz Railways SSC SSC Quiz Study Material

1. Which one of the following was the most common occupation for slaves?
2. The theory of the origin of the state not mentioned in the Vedic literature is—
3. The conceusces among historians that the vedic age began earliest in—
4. Which was the first book to deal with Music?
5. The Neolithic Age dates bark to—

6. In ancient times ‘Sectora’ was situated in—
7. Prehistoric axes are found at—
8. The earliest Iron age occupation in India has been associated with—
9. There is evidence of the proto-Australoid, the mediterranean, alpine and Mongoloid in the skeletal remains at—
10. The large hoard of copper comes from Gungeria in—

11. The Gupta gold and silver issues were initially based on the coins of the —
12. The ultimate ownership of land during the post-Gupta period lay with —
13. ‘Svayamvara’ was a special from of —
14. Which one of the following is not matched correctly?
15. Dhavanyaloka is —

16. Gupta ruler revived one of the following religions —
17. Export-trade in pre-Gupta age was most extensive with—
18. The Mughal Emperor, who built the Peacock Throne? –
19. Aurangzeb face toughest opposition from—
20. How did Akbar get rid of the authority of the Ulemas?

21. Which of the following officers held the office of minister under the Mughals?
22. Mewar accepted the Suzerainty of the Mughals during the reign of—
23. Shivaji conquered many forts. Which was first?
24. In Mughal period Zamindars were ?
25. Mahmud Gawan was a Prime Minister of which kingdom ?


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