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Indian Politics Study Material for One Day Exams

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1. Which of these is NOT included as a Fundamental Right in the Indian Constitution
2. Who is known as the grand old lady of Indian nationalism?
3. The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament is appointed by the
4. When was the wealth tax first introduced in India ?

5. How Many Prime ministers have conferred with Bharat Ratna upto November 2014 ?
6. Which is the second largest judicial complex in the world ?
7. Girglani Committee was appointed to examine
8. The Comptroller and Auditor-General of India acts as the chief accountant and auditor for the ________

9. Age of a Candidate to contest Parliamentary election should not be lesser than
10. Which one of the following motion can the Council of Ministers of India move?
11. The Unitary System of Government possesses which of the following advantages
12. The Contingency Fund of India has been placed at the disposal of the

13. Indian federal system is greatly influenced by the federal system in
14. Who of the following threw a bomb in the Central Legislative Assembly along with Bhagat Singh ?
15. The power to curve out a new state is vested in
16. What is the minimum age required to become a member of Rajya Sabha?


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