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Q 11.

The term of office of each member of the Human Rights Commission is …………………. ?

A)  6 years
B)  10 years
C)  5 years
D)  3 years
Q 12.

After the Second World War ……………. has taken several measures to protect the human rights ?

B)  Supreme court
C)  International court of justice
D)  None
Q 13.

The National Emblem is taken from the Saranath Pillar of ?

A)  Kanishka
B)  Harsha
C)  Ashoka
D)  None
Q 14.

Vande Mataram was composed in the language ?

A)  Tamil
B)  Telugu
C)  Hindi
D)  Sanskrit
Q 15.

Anand Matt was a book written by ?

A)  Tagore
B)  Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
C)  Vivekananda
D)  None
Q 16.

In our Nation Emblem power and majesty are represented by ?

A)  Lions
B)  Horses
C)  Elephants
D)  None
Q 17.

The Chakra signifies

A)  Dharma
B)  Hardwork
C)  Power
D)  None
Q 18.

The Indian National Anthem was written in

A)  Hindi
B)  English
C)  Bengali
D)  Marathi
Q 19.

The Governor of a state is appointed by the President for ?

A)  3 years
B)  5 years
C)  10 years
D)  None
Q 20.

The nominal head of India is the ?

A)  President
B)  Vice President
C)  Prime Minister
D)  None
Answer & Explanation Answer: President


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