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Q 1.

A Batsman makes a score of 87 runs in the 17th inning and thus increases his average by 3. Find his average after 17th inning.

A)  39
B)  40
C)  52
D)  55
Q 2.

The average score of a cricketer for ten matches is 38.9 runs. If the average for the first six matches is 42, then find the average for the last four matches

B)  33.5
C)  34.25
D)  35
Q 3.

Distance between two stations A and B is 778 km. A train covers the journey from A to B at 84 km per hour and returns back to A with a uniform speed of 56 km per hour. Find the average speed of train during the whole journey

A)  30.5 km/hr
B)  57 km/hr
C)  60 km/hr
D)  67.2 km/hr
Q 4.

There are two sections A and B of a class, consisting of 36 and 44 students’ respectively. If the average weight of section A is 40kg and that of section B is 35kg, find the average weight of the whole class

C)  37.25 kg
D)  42.5 kg
Q 5.

The average of first five multiples of 3 is :

A)  8
B)  9
C)  10
D)  11
Q 6.

A student finds the average of 10 positive integers. Each integer contains two digits. By mistake, the boy interchanges the digits of one number say ba for ab. Due to this, the average becomes 1.8 less than the previous one. What was the difference of the two digits a and b ?

A)  2
B)  4
C)  6
D)  8
Q 7.

In Arun’s opinion, his weight is greater than 65 kg but less than 72 kg. His brother does not agree with Arun and he thinks that Arun’s weight is greater than 60 kg but less than 70 kg. His mother’s view is that his weight cannot be greater than 68 kg. If all are them are correct in their estimation, what is the average of different probable weights of Arun ?

A)  67 kg
B)  68 kg
C)  69 kg
D)  Data inadequate
Q 8.

The average monthly salary of 12 workers and 3 managers in a factory was Rs. 600. When one of the manager whose salary was Rs. 720, was replaced with a new manager, then the average salary of the team went down to 580. What is the salary of the new manager ?

A)  420
B)  570
C)  640
D)  690
Q 9.

Of the three numbers, the first is twice the second and the second is twice the third. The average of the reciprocal of the numbers is 7/72. The numbers are :

A)  16, 8, 4
B)  20, 10, 5
C)  24, 12, 6
D)  36, 18, 9
Q 10.

In a set of three numbers, the average of first two numbers is 2, the average of the last two numbers is 3, and the average of the first and the last numbers is 4. What is the average of three numbers ?

A)  2
B)  2.5
C)  3
D)  3.5