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Q 31.

The following program fragment

int a=4, b=6;



A)  Outputs an error message
B)  Prints 0
C)  Prints 1
D)  None of the above
Q 32.

Study the following statement:


What will it print ?

A)  1.0
B)  1.8
C)  2.0
D)  None of these
Q 33.

Study the following statement:


What will it print ?

A)  1.0
B)  1.8
C)  2.0
D)  None of these
Q 34.

Which one of the following would be the BEST to use to produce 100 letters to clients ?

A)  Personal information manager
B)  Email Group
C)  Desktop Publisher
D)  Mail Merge
Q 35.

Opening the hole on a 3.5″ disk will

A)  Copy protect the data
B)  Re-protect the data
C)  Back-up the data
D)  Write protect the data
Q 36.

Which one of the following types of storage devices uses a laser ?

A)  Zip Drive
B)  Magnetic Tape
C)  CD Drive
D)  Hard Drive
Q 37.

The BEST description of the usual directory and folders structure on a computer is a

A)  Tree
B)  Loop
C)  Chain
D)  List
Q 38.

Which one of the following software applications would be the MOST appropriate for performing numerical and statistical calculations ?

A)  Database
B)  Document Processor
C)  Graphics Package
D)  Spreadsheet
Q 39.

Fire wire is faster than which of the following device interconnections ?

A)  Serial
B)  Parallel
C)  USB 1.1
D)  All of these
Q 40.

This type of program acts as an intermediary between a user of a computer and the computer hardware

A)  Operating System
B)  User Thread
C)  Application Program
D)  Superuser Thread