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Economics Letters aims to have a quick turnover time of up to two months between the submission and final decision.Writing a Cover Letter.Writing Effective Cover Letters For Journal Submissions Tips And A Cover Letter For Paper Submission Example Then Cover Letter Journal ...Economics Letters aims to have a quick turnover time of up to two months between the submission and final decision.You find that part of the criteria is to include a covering letter.

Cover letter for elsevier submission In case you are required to write a stepbystep without the need for numbers, your essay should contain all the components of every other essay assignment.Manuscripts submitted in this category are expected to be concise, well organized, and clearly written.Your cover letter is going to get your foot in the door.A cover letter that is tailored to the journal, introduces your work persuasively, and is free from spelling and grammatical errors can help prime the editor to view your submission positively ....


The ....Asking for an interview, coupled with effective writing, make the perfect combination of a good cover letter..Please note that the journal may not use your suggestions, but your help is appreciated and may speed up the selection of appropriate reviewers.How to Edit Cover Letter for Document Submission Template After downloading the PDF cover letter template in this page, you can edit it with a professional PDF editor, PDFelement.

With this tool, you can change the texts, images, forms, signatures etc.The template is also available to download from the Guide for Authors and from the editorial submission site of participating Elsevier journals. Authors upload the data article as a single document or zip file alongside the other submission files of the research article in the participating journals (manuscript file, cover letter, figures etc).Reviewers' field: No.A sample cover letter is presented for your application to a journal publication.Please note that the Cover letter should be uploaded as a separate file..


What your cover letter should do is indicate your professionalism so the editor can get past the cover letter ….Begin your cover letter with a paragraph that ....As an opportunity to present original research in the best possible light, a cover letter is indispensible for persuading a busy editor ....Today electronic submission of manuscripts is increasingly common..for the journal you are submitting it to and highlight your most important findings.A good cover letter is going to contain a request for an interview.

Begin your cover letter with a paragraph that ....A good cover letter is going to contain a request for an interview.Sample cover letter Fit for journal Specific tie to journal scope ....Breaching this rule and submitting to multiple journals that explicitly request exclusive consideration is widely considered unethical in the scholarly community..Editors receive numerous cover letters, so it is important to frame a letter that draws an editor’s interest to your research..See the the Elsevier Latex Instructions for more information.Therefore, instances ....Dear [Publisher or Editor name],.The submission should enclose reviews, comments from the editor, and the final decision ...

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