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Troy Aikman talked the whole drive about how it was a four-down drive for the Cowboys because it was midway through the fourth quarter and they’re facing the best defense in the league.“It does appear to be heading to a divorce,” reporter Ian Rapoport said Sunday.The Cowboys bounced back in 2016 with their best record under Garrett (13–3) with the emergence of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott, earning the #1 NFC spot in the playoffs and a first-round bye.

You do not fire a coach when a division title is still within reach.The team has a chance in 2018 to make things right after beating the Seahawks in the playoffs..It’s been too average for too long to really think otherwise..In some respects, Garrett has an innate ability to design teams that have great chemistry.You want to be a sound football team.With great players, a simple system will work, much of the time.What’s that old joke about your family tree doesn’t branch….And so you’ve got to look at what your alternative is.”.


a team of Japanese All-Stars.All three of the Garrett brothers played in the World League of American Football.This one I just have a hard time wrapping my head around.No dis to Dallas, but, let’s be real..The next week, he led the Cowboys to a 35–19 victory over the Detroit Lions, their first home win all season.Jones unraveled Friday following a loss to the Bears, cursing the hosts out in his weekly radio spot on 105.3 FM in Dallas..Garrett's precision in these situations is down to the second.The must see game this week is Sunday at one in Baltimore.Time for Garrett to go.

Garrett was featured heavily in “All or Nothing: The Dallas Cowboys”, a television mini-series.Did not see much hand-clapping yesterday.In 1995, he signed with the NFL expansion team Carolina Panthers and was released on August 21.He played college football at Princeton University..That’s why the Vegas odds on a potential coaching search are outrageous.Whereas, the 6-4 Rams got torched 45-6 at homeby the 8-2 Ravens, and the great Sean McVay gets a pass?.


Even though Jason does not any children of his own, growing up, he shared his childhood with his two siblings..The real story would be if media called them what they are.There is a cache that comes with telling an owner desperate to win a trophy that you know what the process looks, smells and feels like. .In football, as a senior, he won All-League honors as a quarterback and safety.For the Cowboys, the bump wouldn’t be artificial; any improvement would reflect a fulfill of the team’s vast potential.. Supposedly...Aikman even called it an "idiotic" call.

Louis Rams head coaching position, to replace Jim Haslett, the interim head coach.And so you’ve got to look at what your alternative is.”.Jerry is a real piece of work, needs to fire himself…and I’m not a fan of the Cowboys…..In January 2008, Garrett interviewed for the head coaching job of the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons, receiving offers from both, but ultimately opted to remain in Dallas.He never saw an NFL game and was relegated to the practice squad before he was waved in 1990.It’s really a win-win situation for Jerry.Garrett has been around professional football for most of his life; his father, Jim, was a coach and scout for nearly 40 years.

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