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Misheard song lyrics (also called mondegreens) occur when people misunderstand the lyrics in a song.The song continued:"That when the dough rolls in like you're printin' your own cash/And you gotta make a splash/You just spends/Like it never ends/Cuz you gotta have that big new Benz/All of that bling you're wearin'/Shining so bright peoples starin'/It's crazy, I gotta ski Aspen/That's all I'm askin'".These technologies are used for things like personalized ads..Misheard song lyrics (also called mondegreens) occur when people misunderstand the lyrics in a song.

This is the beloved ‘80s song that keeps on giving.These technologies are used for things like personalized ads..There is a parody of this song on the Internet entitled "I Like Small Butts" performed by David Spade & Adam Sandler..I really had fun listening to it.i dont know its title and singer so pls help..There are also Sir Mix-a-Lot misheard lyrics storiesalso available..A nigga can't live without a big girl Love all y'all like a hot butter and cheese girl.


Tell her shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it shake that healthy butt.Yeah babyWhen it comes to femalesCosmo ain't got nothin to do with my selection36-24-36Only if she's 5'3".I'm hooked and I can't stop staring.

lyrics "aye aye lately it seems i been holding my breath when i sleep i wake up gasping for air from the pain i feel deep and the stains on my teeth from the blood" any help would be appreciated.


The correct spelling would be baka tako.Cuz your waist is small and your curves are kickin.I have friends who will lust over women with big butts saying stuff like, 'Yooo, she's got such a fat ass, I want it so bad,' but they don't do it for me..Can’t even remember the lyrics or tune and it’s really doing my head in.Sir Mix-A-Lot Bio Anthony Ray (born August 12, 1963), better known by his stage name Sir Mix-a-Lot, is an American rapper and producer based in Seattle, Washington.Jason Lee 27 Reply.

No One Like You, Atofarati, No One Like You Papa moh No One Like You, Eleruniyi, No One Like You No One Like You, Awimayehun No One Like You Alade Wura You are the God of Everything No One Like You.Well use me use me cuz you ain't that average groupy.there we words like “ life is like a..Read about I Like Big Butts And I Cannot Lie by MC Hammer and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists.eversince I met him I fell in love with him.

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