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Iran Missile-

,,Iran retaliates for Gen. Soleimani's killing by firing ...

The attack came days after Soleimani was killed in a U.S.Al-Asad and Erbil bases come under fire after Iranian official describes 13 ‘revenge scenarios’ following Suleimani assassination.Iran-backed militias in Iraq, known as the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF), have threatened revenge on American interests and personnel for the killings..

Trump also called on NATO to have a "much more involved in the Middle East process," although the president has had a somewhat tense relationship with NATO allies and has reportedly discussed privately pulling the U.S."No Americans were harmed in last night's attack by the Iranian regime.".Qassem Soleimani last Thursday in response..These tests were conducted at the Strait of Hormuz, which Iran has threatened to shut down traffic into if it is attacked.State TV described it as Tehran’s revenge operation over the killing of Soleimani..

,,Iran's Ballistic Missile Capabilities: 100,000 Missiles in ...

He also told reporters in the Oval Office that a lot of lives were saved by killing Soleimani.may respond..Assessment of casualties & damages taking place now.But this isn’t the right point.”.Meantime, Iran state TV claimed Tehran launched "tens" of surface-to-surface missiles at the Ain al-Asad Air Base.Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps air and naval units conducted these tests in a desert location.Trump had tweeted out a photo of the U.S."got it right" by killing Soleimani..

"We do not seek escalation or war, but will defend ourselves against any aggression," Zarif said.Iranian news sites showed video footage of missiles being launched into the night sky..He wrote that if Iran strikes any "Americans, or American assets," it "WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD.".The new re-entry vehicle uses a triconic aeroshell geometry (or "baby bottle" design) which improves the overall lift to drag ratio for the re-entry vehicle.

,,Iran's Ballistic Missile Capabilities: 100,000 Missiles in ...

forces from the country.stocks were trading higher Wednesday morning and oil prices fell..Ten missiles hit the Ain al-Asad Air Base, one missile hit a military base in Erbil and four missiles failed to hit their targets, according to a U.S.cannot afford to start a war with Iran.The White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said: “We are aware of the reports of attacks on US facilities in Iraq.

According to the IAEA, Iran in the early 2000s may have explored various fuzing, arming and firing systems to make the Shahab-3 more capable of reliably delivering a nuclear warhead..causalities as a result of the retaliatory attack.Hoseyn Salami, commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards' air force, said: "Our missiles are ready for shooting at any place and any time, quickly and with accuracy".“Otherwise we will not be taken seriously,” he added..

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