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Ju On%3A The Grudge 2-


In the same way that Obsessive Compulsive Disorder sufferers are driven to return and wash their hands, check that power points are turned off and the like over and over, Takashi Shimizu likewise seems obsessively driven to keep coming back and making the same film..Ver Online La Maldición 2 (Ju-on: The grudge 2) (2003) DVDRip Español Latino.

Shimizu gives us more spooky appearances of the boy – in the rear-view mirror of a car, under a steering wheel, his handprints on the windscreen and so on – but these are just a variant on what we have seen before..
Sinopsis: La actriz de películas de señal Kyôko Harase viaja en el furgón contiguo a su prometido cuando tienen un sofisticado siniestro.The addition of more victims makes the storyline seem convoluted and scrambled, often leaving the audience shrugging their shoulders, waiting for further explanation.Face-Off: The most annoying? Halloween 5's Tina vs.


The family who moves into the house are Americans; the social worker who visits the old woman is an American in Japan with her boyfriend, who is attending college there; her boss is an American; Takeo killed his family because Kayako was infatuated with an American professor..Shimizu is still working steadily in Japan, but it's surprising he didn't have a bigger career in Hollywood..These markers are helpful.

It seems that the Grudge 2 plays out like a "Groundhog Day" movie where the victims' faces change, but the situation remains the same.  Although the film takes a different approach than its predecessor, the opening sequence insists that the scare factor still remains the same, as a couple is terrorized by our powder white friend Toshio while driving down a deserted road.I don't speak Japanese, but even with the language barrier it seems to me that most of the actors in JU-ON did a decent job in their roles.


House on Haunted Hill 1999.THE GRUDGE was Shimizu's fifth time working in the universe of this franchise, as he fit in another Japanese sequel before signing on to direct the remake.I didn't expect this Face-Off to end in a tie, but that outcome makes sense to me.Bill Pullman is always a welcome presence in any movie, as is Ted Raimi.Why not move the story into the states instead of moving so many Americans into the story?.

Aside from moments like those, the ghost effects mostly consist of a bloody Kayoko lurking around - and she is creepy - and Toshio meowing while painted white.Todos los tribunal del equipo se encuentran desaparecidos o han muerto.Gilpin's character is also pregnant, and has learned her unborn child probably has a terrible disease.There is also the same confusing non-linear plot that cuts and changes between the various characters.I haven't watched the two SOV movies, but this one certainly shows that Shimizu was a capable genre director.

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