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In certain circumstances — say you weren’t properly served papers notifying you of the lawsuit — you can ask the court to re-open a judgment or formally file an appeal..To be honest I think he’s driving around in it with fake plates and no insurance.You may have a case but you don’t want to waste time and money on this because the amount is relatively small.In certain circumstances — say you weren’t properly served papers notifying you of the lawsuit — you can ask the court to re-open a judgment or formally file an appeal..

I have a copy of the cashiers check made out to the individual.A customer might not have the cash on hand needed to pay the total amount due..This order protects the debtor from any further attempts at debt collection, in accordance with the Bankruptcy Code, § 362.You don’t need to go see an Attorney unless the knock comes at the door.Perhaps the loan is only for a small amount of money which won’t affect your quality of life or your own mortgage repayments and living standards.

Please contact an independent financial professional for advice regarding your specific situation.This accounts receivable process allows you to keep track of how much money is owed to you..She’s in the process of getting a divorce and has two children.I did not pay taxes my mistake.When I loaned him the money we were both living in Palm Beach County, FL.Another facet of FDCPA: Collectors can’t call you too early in the morning (before 8 a.m.), too late at night (after 9 p.m.), too many times a day or at work once you tell them not to.

Social Security Disability payments can be garnished by the IRS, Federally Funded Student Loan Organizations and Child Support Collectors..I don’t have a comprehensive list, but often your state attorney general’s office can be helpful..Review your collection process to see if you can simplify how customers pay you.She gets no child support, or anything else from her ex, and has no income.

However, if the collector doesn’t have any other contact information for you, they may call your friends, neighbors, or employer to figure out how to get in touch with you..I received a call this morning from a gentleman who claimed he was calling from an attorney's office and that a lawsuit was filed against for a loan that was acquired online in 07/29/2011.It's against the law for debt collectors to someone's family members, friends and employers about their debts.I contacted the collection agency after I received a letter.

And with their own example, why should I be in any hurry to pay them?.My wife had a Verizon account and we left them cause of there crappy service.(IACC) points out that a customer’s credit application can be very helpful to your business when collecting accounts receivable.These practices may be regulated by the nation in which the collection activity occurs.Here is his e-mail.The owner and six employees of Williams, Scott & Associates were arrested for allegedly accusing people of fraud and saying they would be arrested and face criminal charges for not repaying debts..It is no secret that cash flow is vital to any business, and the key to cash flow it to timely collect money that is owed to the business.  Selling a product or providing a service is of no benefit to the business if it does not get paid for the same.  Cash flow can be severely impacted by slow or no pay customers as the business still has to pay its vendors for the products it is selling and has to pay its employees for the services they are providing.  That can put a business in a deficit until it receives payment from its customer..

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