Q 191.
To be effective, a virus checker should be
A)  Replaced Regularly
B)  Never Updated
C)  Updated Regularly
D)  Updated once a year
Q 192.

Programs or data not actively being used by the other units are places on the

A)  Output Unit
B)  Memory Unit
C)  Secondary Storage Unit
D)  Central Processing Unit
Q 193.

Which of the following would not be considered hardware ?

A)  An Operating System
C)  A Keyboard
D)  A Disk
Q 194.

ire wire is a

A)  Processor
B)  Fast Cable Interconnect
C)  Computer Game
D)  Chipset
Q 195.

Output which is made up of pictures, sound and video is BEST described as

A)  Graphics
B)  Multimedia
C)  Hard Copy
D)  Multi Aspect
Q 196.

A package, which can be used for a short period before purchasing it is termed as ?

A)  Try and Buy
B)  Freeware
C)  Shareware
D)  Borrow-ware
Q 197.

Which one of the following is a source of danger in a Server room ?

A)  Unobstructed fire doors
B)  Ducted Cables
C)  Fire Extinguishers
D)  Trailing Cables
Q 198.

The term A:\ refers to

A)  A file name
B)  A Subdirectory
C)  The Root Directory
D)  The Hard Drive
Q 199.

How many bytes do 4 Kilobytes represent ?

A)  512
B)  1024
C)  4096
D)  8192
Q 200.

A gigabyte is equal to

A)  1024 bytes
B)  A million megabytes
C)  A thousand kilobytes
D)  1024 megabytes