Q 211.
Where do you find a write protect notch ?
A)  On a computer chip
B)  On a punched card
C)  In a read only memory
D)  On a floppy disk
Q 212.

What natural element is the primary ingredient in computer chips ?

A)  Silicon
B)  Carbon
C)  Iron
D)  Uranium
Q 213.

The type of data storage that is considered to be volatile is ?

Q 214.

The smallest visual element on a video monitor is called what ?

A)  Character
B)  Pixel
C)  Byte
D)  Kwerk
Q 215.

Data is stored on diskettes in what form ?

A)  Ink
B)  Laser Bubbles
C)  Magnetism
D)  Circuits
Q 216.

One of the things that seperates a “Terminal” from a “PC” is that the terminal does not have a what ?

A)  Keyboard
B)  Monitor
C)  Power Cord
Q 218.

What is the term for a temporary storage area that compensates for differences in data rate and data flow between devices ?

A)  Buffer
B)  Bus
C)  Channel
D)  Modem
Q 219.

In order to write on a floppy disk with your IBM PC, you must first

A)  Digitize it
B)  Format it
C)  Compile it
D)  Hardware it
Q 220.

What is the decimal equivalent of the binary number 10111 ?

A)  21
B)  23
C)  39
D)  42