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Shepard Smith-

,,The real reason why Shepard Smith is leaving Fox News

Smith also suggested Trump supporters themselves were being disingenuous.But in practice, the track record to date shows that most subscribers to streaming services also continue to pay for regular MVPD services.officials absolutely did say before the election that Russian hackers stole emails from Democratic officials and gave them to the website WikiLeaks.— Athenia for Trump! (@Oscaretta) July 17, 2016.The Left is like a re-run marathon of the worst episodes of The X Files..

Fox News has allowed me to travel the world gathering the facts of the day for you," Smith stated..This place has its enemies, but inside, it was very personal, and very scarring and horrifying.”.But I can’t imagine anyone else finding it interesting.”.— Rodger Goolsby (@Stopcnnlies) July 17, 2016."He was part of the glue that held Fox together.Smith has also frequently drawn the ire of President Trump, who has lambasted him in several tweets, even as he expresses strong support for the network's opinion hosts..

,,Shepard Smith - Wikipedia

“I trusted him with my career and with ― I trusted him and trusts were betrayed.He is said to have divorced his wife back in 1993 because he was gay.Fox News host war! Tucker destroys Shep Smith for ‘pretending your angry political opinions are news’.You may like to read Victoria’s Secret model, Chanel Iman and her husband Sterling Shepard are expecting their first child together! Shares a baby bump picture on Instagram.Former CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes once said that Smith is the “go-to guy” for any breaking news coverage.

He's reported for Australia's top-rated network morning sho....Shep loved bear stories.These cookies do not store any personal information..Appreciating his producers and staff wasn’t enough.Though it's clear the Mississippi native has a penchant for disseminating and rehashing the news when the cameras are on, not much is known about Smith's time away from the news desk.Altogether, his work at the cable news channel is rumored to earn him an impressive $10 million per year income, and his net worth is estimated to be somewhere around the $20 million mark..

,,Shepard Smith’s Wiki: Boyfriend, Salary and Everything You ...

Next: Smith calls out Trump for sharing a bit of fake news of his own. 

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