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Q 1.

85% of Earth’s minerals are found in …………… ?

A)  Mantle
B)  Crust
C)  Surface
D)  None
Q 2.

The sea to the east of Tamil Nadu is called ……………… ?

A)  Arabian Sea
B)  Dead Sea
C)  Bay of Bengal
D)  Indian Ocean
Q 3.

The deepest ocean in the world …………… ?

A)  Pacific Ocean
B)  Atlantic Ocean
C)  Indian Ocean
D)  Bay of Bengal
Q 4.

The National Emblem is taken from the Saranath Pillar of ?

A)  Kanishka
B)  Harsha
C)  Ashoka
D)  None
Q 5.

Vande Mataram was composed in the language ?

A)  Tamil
B)  Telugu
C)  Hindi
D)  Sanskrit
Q 6.

In our Nation Emblem power and majesty are represented by ?

A)  Lions
B)  Horses
C)  Elephants
D)  None
Q 7.

The Governor of a state is appointed by the President for ?

A)  3 years
B)  5 years
C)  10 years
D)  None
Q 8.

The highest court in a state is the

A)  High Court
B)  Supreme Court
C)  District Court
D)  None
Q 9.

Epitome of the World is the title given to ?

A)  America
B)  Russia
C)  India
D)  None
Q 10.

The seventh largest country in the world is ?

A)  Burma
B)  Thailand
C)  India
D)  None