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Q 11.

Distance between two stations A and B is 778 km. A train covers the journey from A to B at 84 km per hour and returns back to A with a uniform speed of 56 km per hour. Find the average speed of train during the whole journey

A)  30.5 km/hr
B)  57 km/hr
C)  60 km/hr
D)  67.2 km/hr
Q 12.

The average monthly salary of 12 workers and 3 managers in a factory was Rs. 600. When one of the manager whose salary was Rs. 720, was replaced with a new manager, then the average salary of the team went down to 580. What is the salary of the new manager ?

A)  420
B)  570
C)  640
D)  690
Q 13.

The average price of 10 books is Rs.12 while the average price of 8 of these books is Rs.11.75. Of the remaining two books, if the price of one book is 60% more than the price of the other, what is the price of each of these two books ?

A)  Rs. 5, Rs.7.50
B)  Rs. 8, Rs. 12
C)  Rs. 12, Rs. 14
D)  Rs. 16, Rs. 10
Q 14.

40% of the employees in a factory are workers. All the remaining employees are executives. The annual income of each worker is Rs. 390. The annual income of each executive is Rs. 420. What is the average annual income of all the employees in the factory together ?

A)  390
B)  405
C)  408
D)  415
Q 15.

The average of 20 students is 12 years, if the teacher’s age is included, average increases by one. The age of the teacher is:

A)  28 yrs
B)  30 yrs
C)  33 yrs
D)  35 yrs
Q 16.

Ajay working in a Cellular company as a salesman. His monthly salary is Rs. 200. But he gets bonus as per given rule. If he sells simcards of Rs. X then his bonus will be [(x /100)2 +10]. In the first quarter of the year his average sale was Rs. 3000 per month. In the next 5 five month his average sale was Rs. 5000 per month and for next four month his average sale was Rs. 8000 per month. What is the average earning per month for the whole year ?

C)  Rs. 3750
D)  Rs. 3560
Q 17.

The average marks of four subjects is 120. If 33 was misread as 13 during the calculation, what will be the correct average ?

A)  120
B)  121
C)  122
D)  125
Q 18.
In a boat there are 8 men whose average weight is increased by 1 kg when 1 man of 60 kg is replaced by a new man. What is weight of new comer ?
A)  66
B)  68
C)  69
D)  70
Q 19.

Find the average of first 97 natural numbers

A)  45
B)  47
C)  48
D)  49
Q 20.

Average of ten positive numbers is x. If each number is increased by 10%, then x :

A)  Remains unchanged
B)  May decrease
C)  May increase