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Q 31.

David obtained 76, 65, 82, 67 and 85 marks (out of 100) in English, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. What are his average marks ?

A)  69
B)  65
C)  75
D)  None of these
Q 32.

Nine persons went to a hotel for taking their meals. Eight of them spent Rs.12 each on their meals and the ninth spent Rs.8 more than the average expenditure of all the nine. What was the total money spent by them.

A)  Rs. 116
B)  Rs. 115
C)  Rs. 118
Q 33.

There were 35 students in a hostel. Due to the admission of 7 new students the expenses of the mess were increased by Rs.42 per day while the average expenditure per head diminished by Re 1. What was the original expenditure of the mess ?

A)  Rs. 450
B)  Rs. 320
C)  Rs. 420
D)  Rs. 550
Q 34.

Which one of the following would be the BEST to use to produce 100 letters to clients ?

A)  Personal information manager
B)  Email Group
C)  Desktop Publisher
D)  Mail Merge
Q 35.

Which one of the following types of storage devices uses a laser ?

A)  Zip Drive
B)  Magnetic Tape
C)  CD Drive
D)  Hard Drive
Q 36.

The BEST description of the usual directory and folders structure on a computer is a

A)  Tree
B)  Loop
C)  Chain
D)  List
Q 37.

Which one of the following software applications would be the MOST appropriate for performing numerical and statistical calculations ?

A)  Database
B)  Document Processor
C)  Graphics Package
D)  Spreadsheet
Q 38.

Fire wire is faster than which of the following device interconnections ?

A)  Serial
B)  Parallel
C)  USB 1.1
D)  All of these
Q 39.

To be effective, a virus checker should be

A)  Replaced Regularly
B)  Never Updated
C)  Updated Regularly
D)  Updated once a year
Q 40.

Programs or data not actively being used by the other units are places on the

A)  Output Unit
B)  Memory Unit
C)  Secondary Storage Unit
D)  Central Processing Unit