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What Do I Need To Change The Address On My Drivers License Illinois

You must meet the following requirements to change your address by mail: Your driver license is not expired.You have a non-commercial driver license, Class C or CM or Class A or B non-CDL driver license.You'll have the option to purchase a corrected driver's license or ID that shows your new address.Copyright 2019 WDRB Media and Fox Media.

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Updating your address on your driver license doesn't change your address on your vehicle.Drivers who hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) must notify the Secretary of State's office of an address change or name change within 10 days and must obtain a corrected CDL hard card within 30 days.

Our page about changing your address has all the information you need on how to update the address on your driver's license, ID card, registration and vehicle title.There's no cost to update your address.You have 10 days after you move to change your address on your driver license or ID card.There is a $20 fee for getting a new card with your updated address on it. You’ll need to provide your driver’s license number, social security number, date of birth, and new address. You can change your address on your IL driver's license or ID in person by visiting your local IL Secretary of State office.

For a name change, you must provide identification with your new name and identification that links the old and new names.In Person.In order to change the address on a driver’s license, you need to submit proof of your new residential address and submit additional required documentation at a local DMV.In order to change address on a DMV license online, you must first visit the official SOS website, locate the online tool and enter the required information in the applicable fields. You’ll need to provide your driver’s license number, social security number, date of birth, and new address.

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