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Though the series has produced some remarkable finishes, there have only been two games decided by less than 10 points since 2001: USC's 29-24 win in 2004 and UCLA's 13-9 victory in 2006..Please arrive with your state issued placard and identification, and parking personnel will guide you to your parking area.USC, coming off a hard-fought, tightly-contested loss at Notre Dame, begins its closing run of 6 straight Pac-12 contests and controls its destiny to a conference title..

We ask that all items are visible when entering the venue.Tate leads the nation with an absurd 13.42 yards per carry average, and boasts a 187.54 passer rating, including 205.53 as a starter..So, things are going to be difficult..23 vs Oregon: Maroon Monsoon/Hispanic heritage — Fans wear maroon.For assistance call or text 213-263-4007.They’re planning on wearing all black uniforms for this occasion..Message and data rates may apply..Ohio State (Cotton Bowl) Arlington, Texas 5:30 p.m.


9 USC (9-3) square off..The use of Drone aircraft or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) is prohibited at all times in Exposition Park and surrounding areas without first obtaining a permit and authorization from the State of California.Behavior that is disruptive to others may result in ejection from the stadium.Fans are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior to Management Personnel.But USC's divisional picture is murky.So they’re both going to get opportunities until that does happen.".20 in the USA Today Coaches Top 25 Poll.

Georgia (5-0 in the SEC) has a big lead on South Carolina (4-2) and Kentucky (3-2), and at minimum the Bulldogs would eliminate everyone but Kentucky by beating the Gamecocks today.On Game Days, look for USC Trojans, the official USC Football souvenir magazine as you enter the Coliseum.More information can be found at these websites: USC Gameday on Campus: USC Athletics: LA Coliseum Building Policies: Clear Bag Policy: USC Football Experiences:


Mark your calendar for all of the 2017 ASU football games!! You don’t want to miss any of the action.The use of smokeless tobacco is prohibited for all events (LAMC 41.50.1).The Trojans come into the game ranked No.VISITING TEAM WILL CALL Visiting team guests may pick up their tickets at Gate 1 starting two hours before kickoff.matchup should make for a ton of tailgating fun and hopefully there won't be rain like there was two years ago at the Rose Bowl.

Please remember to be considerate of those seated near you, cheer constructively and be mindful of good sportsmanship.All Happenings events are published by UCLA Events Office.The last time Penn State made the trip to Pasadena was in 2008 when it lost to USC by a 38-24 score.PT on the Pac-12 Networks.There’s no such debate with the Trojans, especially after Cody Kessler threw a school-record seven touchdown passes in a 56-28 win over Colorado..The Georgia-South Carolina game will be streamed.25, 10:00 p.m.These tickets are optimized for display on your smartphone.Strollers are prohibited inside the Coliseum..

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