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Bill O'Brien was named the third head coach in Houston Texans franchise history on Friday, Jan.An alternative theory is that it was not Artemis at all but rather Hecate, an ancient, cthonic goddess.Regular Season and Postseason games are included in each coach's totals..It is his sixth overall season with the team after spending one year as the ....We know each other’s characters so, you know, we can anticipate and look forward to seeing each other and we have fun together.”. Bill O'Brien was named the third head coach in Houston Texans franchise history on Friday, Jan.

View the Houston Texans head coaches by season.This came after an 0-3 start in which the Texans blew a game against the eventual Super Bowl champs because their head coach was too stupid to call a ....Sep 18, 2018dolphins 44, texans 26 (week 7, 2015) Three weeks after falling behind 42-0 to the Falcons, the Texans fell behind 41-0 to a bad Miami team being coached by some interim nut job..May 30, 2008Ed Biles has: Played Himself - Houston Oilers Defensive Coordinator in "The NFL on NBC" in 1965.


Jan 13, 2018Houston Texans extend contract for head coach Bill O'Brien, hire new general manager. Houston Texans Rumors: Bill O’Brien likely to ….Dec 09, 2013Why he’s a great fit: Phillips is currently the interim head coach of the Texans, and there’s a strong argument to be made that the team’s success last year has a lot to do with his ....Houston Texans.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.On December 8, 2012, O'Brien was named the national coach of the year by ESPN..The Texans play in the South Division of the American Football Conference in the National Football League.

After going without an offensive coordinator in Year One, Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien has ….Your 2018 record: 11-5.He served as the Texans' director of player personnel from 2015-2016 and director of pro personnel in ….The logo of the Houston Texans is a bull's head that resembles the Texas flag with a lone star, representing pride, courage, strength, tradition, and independence with each of its five points..O'Brien collected the most wins for a 1st year head coach in school history and was awarded Big Ten Coach of the Year on November 27, 2012..


One ride among the dozens by the Texans stood out.23, 2018 in Houston..Capers was selected, in part, due to his success in ….Gaine is the third general manager in franchise history.This is a perfect time to discuss potential head coach replacements for the Texans after a ….AFC South champions.3, 2014 and received a four-year contract extension on Jan.No big deal — the results of the rematch are negligible from the Texans' perspective as they won the AFC South and can't get out of wild-card weekend as it is..

Do the Houston Texans have a head coach that is actually in the lower half of all coaches in the NFL? Since joining the Houston Texans in 2014 as their head coach, Bill O’Brien has had success ....The 44-year old brings 21 years of collegiate and NFL coaching experience to the Bayou City.After two seasons with Duke, O'Brien was hired by the New England Patriots on February 27, 2007 as an offensive assistant..In 2002, O'Brien was hired as Notre Dame's offensive Coordinator before George O'Leary was dismissed..Will Fuller News / ESPN / 18 hours ago. Gary Kubiak: The head coach from 2006-2013, Kubiak has the most career wins in the history of the franchise.

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