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Marty Stuart recorded this song in 1988 under the title "I'll Love You Forever (If I Want To)" for his Let There Be Country album, although the album was not released until 1992.I was a little embarrassed by it, it starts off a little spoon-in-June and takes a cryptic turn at the end..Mark "Spike" Stent mixed the song and Michel Colombier played the strings.Marty Stuart recorded this song in 1988 under the title "I'll Love You Forever (If I Want To)" for his Let There Be Country album, although the album was not released until 1992.

Author Alejandro L.The music video was directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino and features Madonna as a cowgirl walking down an automated treadmill in front of a projection screen, with cowboys dancing and straddling horses in the backdrop.In August 2018, Billboard picked it as the singer's 20th greatest single; "a mix of poetically off-center lyrics."Don't Tell Me" debuted at number 78 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart, the week of December 9, 2000.Jon O'Brien from Paste magazine complimented the track's production, and believed it to be an "immediate standout" on the album.


a CD-skip stutter effect and that jangly guitar riff, ["Don't Tell Me"] would’ve ended up a mess for many artists.The Thunderpuss Club Mix had a more house-inspired sound, with spiraling synth pads and keyboard effects.Digital Spys Justin Harp felt that "the sight of Madonna wearing a cowboy hat and line dancing in the still ranks as one of the iconic visuals from her four-decade career".

The filtered beats and tweaked keyboard riffs of Humpty Vission's Radio Mix gave Madonna's voice an "underwater" effect, while Young's remix featured a violin breakdown and sonic elements that reminisce Blondie's 1979 hit "Heart of Glass".According to the Official Charts Company, the song has sold 185,000 copies there.Lyrically, Madonna urges her lover in the song to stop controlling her actions and feelings; she compares the lyrics to the work of Frank Sinatra.


While on the Rebel Heart Tour (2015–2016), Madonna performed impromptu versions of "Don't Tell Me" on the Amsterdam, Antwerp and Turin stops.Madonna co-wrote and co-produced "Don't Tell Me" with Ahmadzaï, and her brother-in-law Joe Henry Henry is credited as an additional songwriter.He found that Madonna's expressive lead vocals were double tracked.It was Madonna's 20th number-one Canadian single.Murrian opined that it "revolutionized cowboy chic".

Jim Farber from Daily News felt that "[the song] crosses up-to-date electronica with rootsy American blues via a guitar hook that sounds something like Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Sweet Home Alabama'".The clip then alternates between scenes of Madonna dancing by herself on the treadmill, playing with sand in a desert, and cowboys line dancing in the video backdrop.He may have an idea and Madonna and I really have lots of ideas and then I usually come up with a treatment style thing that he ends up executing and Madonna agrees to it.Filming for the "Don't Tell Me" music video took place on October 2000.Barnes, and recorded by the American country music artist Pam Tillis.It was released in December 1990 as the first single from the album Put Yourself in My Place.

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