Q 1.
Sir Thomas Roe arrived at the court of Jahangir in ______ ?
A)  A.D. 1600
B)  A.D. 1605
C)  A.D. 1615
D)  None
Q 2.

Captain William Hawkins came to the court of ______ ?

A)  Shah Jahan
B)  Aurangazeb
C)  Jahangir
D)  None
Q 3.

A Fort at Pulicat was built by the ________ ?

A)  Dutch
B)  French
C)  British
D)  None
Q 4.

Charles II the King of England got _______ as a part of the dowry ?

A)  Madras
B)  Delhi
C)  Bombay
D)  None
Q 5.

The people of Denmark were known as _______ ?

A)  Dutch
B)  Danish
C)  Portuguese
D)  None
Q 6.

The _______ were the first to discover a new sea route to India ?

A)  British
B)  Dutch
C)  Portuguese
D)  None
Q 7.

The Dutch people were from ________ ?

A)  England
B)  Holland
C)  Finland
D)  None
Q 8.

The first sailor to start his voyage was _______ ?

A)  Bartholomeu Diaz
B)  Columbus
C)  Vasco-da-gama
D)  None
Q 9.

Albuquerque made _______ as his capital ?

A)  Bombay
B)  Goa
C)  Diu
D)  None
Q 10.

In 1580, Portugal came under the rule of _______ ?

A)  Spain
B)  France
C)  Germany
D)  None